Monday, April 23, 2018

Kalimanis Vassilis


Cell phone/WhatsApp: +306948756671



Country: Greece

Language: English

LA RIVA Antonio Jesus


Cell phone/WhatsApp: 351+967927457



Country: Portugal

Language: Portuguese / Spanish

I was a Sports Director in Volleyball. I enjoy working with professionals and clubs that achieve a balanced mixture between budget and goals. I am an expert in sport management with a strong attitude.

During 1994-1999 I studied Strength Training-Power & Fitness and Volleyball Coaching. Being a volleyball player myself at the time I had great interest in managing and building volleyball teams. For this reason I started at a very early stage to observe the key positions in a volleyball club and what was needed for the teams to operate successfully.

I started my career as a Strength Trainer and later on as a Sport Director in volleyball clubs. I carried out all the administrative work of the team, transfers, pre season/season/off season tasks,  book flights, organized training schedules,  detailed Oriented Adheres & operated within timelines, I managed multiple tasks and responsibilities delegated by multiple persons (administration members, staff & players). I maintained numerous local contacts and build a network of contacts to execute project assignments with huge responsibility.

Furthermore I worked as a part-time marketing manager in volleyball clubs and got soon promoted to managerial roles.

I was responsible for the management of various programs, initiatives and processes. I was executing the advertising/ media buying, promotions for the various events. Oversee the trafficking of print ads, radio spots, TV spots, etc. according to various marketing and promotional plans.

I was responsible for developing new partnerships and sponsorships to extend our customer reach and grow. I was coordinating ticket sales to outline plans, timelines, advertising, promotional programs, etc. Responsible for managing the organization’s research efforts to provide the most accurate and current data. I was coordinating various promotional programs. I was making all the negotiation, closing, implementation and evaluation of media and promotional deals.